MLS Laser Therapy

Relieving Pain and Accelerating Healing

MLS® Laser Therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in treating foot pain and ankle pain, and it’s offered at Elite Podiatry

laser-picPain relief can be initiated almost immediately using MLS Laser Therapy because the laser energy penetrates the tissues and works at the cellular level,” explains podiatric physician Dr. Alexsey Kheynson of Elite Podiatry. “The light reduces the inflammation and swelling that cause pain. This, in turn, creates an environment that puts cells into hyperdrive, increasing blood circulation and prompting an acceleration of the healing process.”

Dr. Kheynson admits he was a skeptic when he first heard about the technology: “But it works. It’s as simple as that. And the wonderful part is that it is noninvasive and totally comfortable for our patients. They don’t feel the laser at work, but they certainly report the positive results.”

Broad Spectrum of Uses
MLS Laser Therapy is proving to be a surefire way to treat sprains, muscle strains, and other injuries to the foot and ankle as well as generalized foot pain. Remarkably, this laser technology is also proving effective for chronic conditions such as degenerative joints, non-healing wounds, and other vascular conditions. “Being able to offer this advanced, nonsurgical modality to patients—including those who suffer sports injuries—has truly impacted our practice of podiatry in extraordinary ways,” says Dr. Kheynson.